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Five in the Black

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CD+DVD Cover
CD Only Cover
Five in the Black
2007.03.14 (Japan)
2007.03.29 (Korea)
Catalog Number
RZCD-45529/B (CD+DVD)
RZCD-45530 (CD Only)
¥3,990 (CD+DVD)
¥3,059 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. ZION
  2. Sky
  3. Begin
  4. Choosey Lover
  6. High time
  7. PROUD
  8. Yakusoku (約束; Promise)
  9. miss you
  10. 'O' - Sei・Han・Gou ('O'‐正・反・合; Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis)
  11. I'll be there (Japanese Ver.)
  12. Step by Step
  13. Hello again
  14. Begin (A Cappella ver.) (アカペラver.) (CD Only Bonus Track)
  15. miss you -ballade ver.- (CD Only Bonus Track)
  16. A Whole New World (Special Track, CD Only First Press Bonus Track)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Rising Sun (PV)
  2. Begin (PV)
  3. Sky (PV)
  4. miss you (PV)
  5. 'O' - Sei・Han・Gou ('O'‐正・反・合) (PV)
  6. Step by Step (PV)
  7. Choosey Lover (PV)
  8. Off Shot Movie (First Press Only)


Five in the Black is Tohoshinki's second album. It was released in CD+DVD and CD Only editions. First press of the CD Only edition comes with a cover of Disney's Aladdin main theme song, "A Whole New World". Regular editions of the CD Only edition come with two bonus tracks.

The song "I'll be there" was used as insert song for the film Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea. The album ranked #5 on HMV "2007 Annual CD Ranking - Japanese Pop" chart. It reached #10 on the Oricon charts and sold 62,362 copies. In total sold 84,000 copies in Japan and 29,000 copies in Korea.

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