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Yoo Young Jin

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Yoo Young Jin (유영진) is Korean singer and producer. He belongs to SM Entertainment.


  • Born: April 10, 1971
  • Blood type: O
  • Family: 2 little brothers, 2 little sisters
  • Education: Jeonju High School


  • Christmas In SMTOWN, 1999
  • Winter Vacation In, 2000
  • Agape, 2001
    1. Dear My Family (Feat. Moon Hee Jun, Kang Ta, S.E.S, Shinhwa, Fly to the Sky, BoA)
    2. ...之愛(지애) (Agape)
    3. Unconditional Kismet
    4. 그녀를 일으켜라 (Get Her Up) (Feat. Shawn 'rize' Kook)
    5. Someday
    6. 수호천사 (Guardian Angel)
    7. 혼자 있으면 (Alone)
    8. That's The Way
    9. Crazy Love
    10. Growing Up (Feat. Justin Robinson, Daniel Leblanc (logic), Shawn 'rize' Kook)
    11. Mo' Jazzy
    12. Obsession
    13. One Moment (Feat. Justin Robinson, Daniel Leblanc(logic))
    14. That's The Way (Korean Version) (Feat. Coolio)
    15. 혼자 있으면.. 내 영혼의 친구와 함께 (Feat. Yoo Joon Sang)
  • Winter Vacation in - Angel Eyes, 2001
  • 2003 Summer Vacation in, 2003
  • 2003 Winter Vacation In, 2003
  • 2004 Summer Vacation in, 2004

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