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Mr. Chu

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Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Maxi Case Picture Label
Regular Edition Cover
Mr.Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~
Catalog Number
UPCH-89194 (Limited Edition A)
UPCH-89195 (Limited Edition B)
UPCH-89200 (Limited Edition Cho Rong Ver.)
UPCH-89201 (Limited Edition Bo Mi Ver.)
UPCH-89202 (Limited Edition Eun Ji Ver.)
UPCH-89203 (Limited Edition Na Eun Ver.)
UPCH-89204 (Limited Edition Nam Joo Ver.)
UPCH-89205 (Limited Edition Ha Young Ver.)
UPCH-80391 (Regular Edition)
¥2,916 (Limited Edition A)
¥1,800 (Limited Edition B)
¥1,080 (Limited Edition Solo Versions / Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Mr. Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~
  2. HUSH ~Japanese Ver.~
  3. Mr. Chu (On Stage) (instrumental)
  4. HUSH (instrumental)
"Limited Edition A" DVD Tracklist
  1. "Mr. Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~" Music Video
"Limited Edition B" DVD Tracklist
  1. "Mr. Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~" Music Video Dance Feat. Ver.
  2. "Mr. Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~" MV Making Video


"Mr.Chu" is a song recorded by APink. It was released in their fourth mini-album Pink Blossom as track #2 and chosen as the lead track of mini-album.

A year later, the song was re-recorded in Japanese and released as their second Japanese single titled "Mr.Chu (On Stage) ~Japanese Ver.~." It was released in nine versions: eight limited editions (two CD+DVD versions and six limited CD only editions, including a solo jacket cover and a trading card of the correspondent member) and a regular edition. Limited edition type A includes special goods with the single while both limited editions came with a Music Connecting card. The b-side, "HUSH ~Japanese Version~", is a Japanese version of the original Korean song released on their first album UNE ANNEE.

Song Information

Duble Sidekick, David Kim
Duble Sidekick, Seion
Other Information
Arrangement: Glory Face

Oricon Chart Positions

APink promoting the single
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 3 2 2 2 2 17 2 54,161
13 46 42 30 23 30 25 39 2,610
31 - - - - - - 60 1,076
- - - - - - - 71 686
- - - - - - - 132 388
- - - - - - - 172 278
- - - - - - - 156 261

Total Reported Sales: 59,460 (#107 single of 2015)

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