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Dear (Apink)

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Album Cover
  1. Dear (Whisper) (CD Only)
  2. Byeolui Byeol (별의 별; Star of Stars)
  3. Miss U
  4. NoNoNo (Ballad Ver.)
  5. 4 Wol 19 Il (4월 19일)
  6. Naega Seollel Su Issge (R&B Ver.) (내가 설렐 수 있게)
  7. LUV (Ballad Ver.)
  8. Heunhan Il (흔한 일; A Common Thing) (Park Cho Rong & Son Na Eun)
  9. Ilheobeorin Jogak (잃어버린 조각; Lost Piece) (Yoon Bo Mi & Kim Nam Joo)
  10. Geu Bumnal, I Gaeul (그 붐날, 이 가을; That Spring, This Autumn) (Jeong Eun Ji & Oh Ha Young)
  11. Mr. Chu (Inst.)
  12. Donghwa Gateun Sarang (Inst.) (동화 같은 사랑)
  13. 4 Wol 19 Il (Inst.) (4월 19일)


Dear is a special album released by Apink. The Song "Byeolui Byeol" was used to promote the album.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 61 1,723
- - - - - - - 185 372

Total Reported Sales: 2,095*

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