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GFRIEND promoting 回:Song of the Sirens (2020)

GFRIEND (여자친구; sometimes hyphenated as G-Friend or G-FRIEND) is a Korean pop 6-member girl group that debuted in 2015 under Source Music.


  • Sowon (Leader, Rapper, Vocalist)
  • Yerin (Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
  • Eunha (Lead Vocal)
  • Yuju (Main Vocal)
  • SinB (Vocalist, Main Dancer, Visual)
  • Umji (Maknae, Vocalist)


  • Official Fanclub: Buddy
  • Official Colors: Cloud Dancer + Scuba Blue + Ultra Violet

Korean Discography

GFRIEND promoting Season of Glass (2015)
GFRIEND promoting LOL (2016)
GFRIEND promoting PARALLEL (2017)
GFRIEND promoting Fallin'Light (2019)



Digital Singles

Japanese Discography


Best Albums





  • [2015] Yaman TV (Guest)
  • [2015] G-Friend! Take Care Of My Puppy (First Reality TV Show)
  • [2015] Weekly Idol (with Berry Good)
  • [2015] Idol Star Athletics
  • [2015] Stardust (Guest)
  • [2015] Olleh TV
  • [2015] Rookies Special (LABOUM, Gfriend & A.KOR)


  • [2015] Akiii Classic
  • [2015] Hosigi Doomari Chicken


  • [2015.11.07] MelOn Music Award - "Best New Artist"
  • [2016.01.14] 25th Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2016.01.20] 30th Golden Disk Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2016.02.17] 5th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: New Artist of the Year
  • [2016.11.19] 2016 MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artists, Best Dance
  • [2016.12.02] 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Dance Performance Female Group - "Siganeul Dallyeoseo (Rough)"
  • [2017.01.13] 31st Golden Disk Awards: Digital Single Bonsang - Main Award
  • [2017.01.19] 26th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2017.02.22] 6th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: Artist of the Year - January
  • [2017.09.20] 1st SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS: Bonsang Award
  • [2017.12.02] 2017 MelOn Music Awards: 1theK Performance
  • [2018.01.10] 32nd Golden Disc Awards: Best Female Group
  • [2018.12.01] 2018 MelOn Music Awards: Best Music Video - "Bam (Time for the Moon Night)"
  • [2019.01.05] 33rd Golden Disc Awards: Best Girl Group
  • [2019.01.15] 28th Seoul Music Awards: Dance Performance
  • [2019.02.25] 33rd Japan Gold Disc Awards: Best 3 New Artist (Asia)
  • [2019.04.24] U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS: Artists of the Year

TV Music Shows

Siganeul Dallyeoseo (Rough)
Neo Geurigo Na (NAVILLERA)
Gwireul Giurimyeon (LOVE WHISPER)
Bam (Time for the Moon Night)
Haeya (Sunrise)
Yeoldaeya (Fever)
Gyocharo (Crossroads)

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