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MAMAMOO promoting MIC ON (2022)

MAMAMOO (마마무; previously stylized in lowercase) is a Korean pop/R&B girl group that debuted in 2014 under RBW Entertainment.


  • Solar (Leader, Main Vocal)
  • Moonbyul (Main Rapper, Main Dancer)
  • Wheein (Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer)
  • Hwasa (Lead Vocal, Lead Rapper)



2014: Debut

MAMAMOO promoting Piano Man (2014)

Pior to their official debut, the group released three collaboration digital singles: "Haengbok Hajima" featuring Bumkey, "Sseomnam Sseomnyeo" featuring K.Will and Wheesung, and "Hi Hi Ha He Ho" featuring Geeks. They made their official debut on June 16th with the mini-album HELLO. The music video of the title track, "Mr. Aemaemoho", featured Lee Jong Hyun, Baek Ji Young, Wheesung, Jung Joon Young, Bumkey, K.Will, and Rhymer.

Five months later their debut, the group announced their first comeback with Piano Man, released on November 21st. The title track of the same name ranked at #41 on the GAON Digital chart. By the end of the year, MAMAMOO ranked #10 highest among girl groups for digital sales, #19 in album sales, and #11 in overall sales according to GAON's year-end rankings.

2015-16: Firsts

MAMAMOO promoting Pink Funky (2015)

On April 2, 2015, MAMAMOO released a collaboration digital single with labelmate eSNa titled "AHH OOP!". On June 11th, RBW Entertainment started teasing for their third mini-album Pink Funky, which was released on June 19th. The title track, "Um Oh Ah Yeh", was composed by Kim Do Hoon, Solar, Moonbyul and Hwasa.

On January 26th, MAMAMOO released a digital single titled "I Miss You" as a pre-release track for their first full-length album Melting, released on February 26th. Before the album release, they also revealed another pre-release track, "1cm Ui Jajonsim", on February 12th. The lead track of the album, "Neon is Mwondeul", debuted at #3 and later peaked at #1 at the charts.

On March 6th, they received their first win with "Neon is Mwondeul" on Inkigayo. They received eight wins in total.

On November 7th, the group released their fourth mini-album MEMORY after releasing "Angel" and "DAB DAB" as vocal unit and rap unit respectively. They also released "NEW YORK" as a pre-release track.

MAMAMOO promoting Melting (2016)

2017: Purple

On June 22th, the group came back with their fifth mini-album Purple. The title track, "Naro Malhal Geot Gateumyeon (Yes I Am)", reached #1 at MelOn real-time chart. On June 27th they received their first win of the song on The Show. They also placed #1 in Billboard's World Album Charts.

2018-19: Japanese Debut & Second Full-Length Album

On January 4, 2018, MAMAMOO released a pre-release track titled "Chilhaejwo" before starting their Four Seasons Project, described as a project to showcase four mini-albums, each combining one color and a matching characteristic for each season. The project started with their sixth mini-album Yellow Flower, released on March 7th. It was followed by Red Moon on July 16th, BLUE;S on November 29th and White Wind on March 14, 2019.

On October 3, 2018, they debuted in Japan with the japanese version of "Décalcomanie". Their first Japanese album was released on August 7, 2019.

MAMAMOO promoting Purple (2017)

The group joined the Mnet survival show Queendom that aired from August 29th to October 31st. In the last episode, MAMAMOO finished in the first place.

On November 14, 2019, their second full-length album reality in BLACK was released.


  • Official Fanclub: MOOMOO

Korean Discography

MAMAMOO promoting Yellow Flower (2018)
MAMAMOO promoting reality in BLACK (2019)
MAMAMOO promoting TRAVEL (2020)
MAMAMOO promoting WAW (2021)


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Digital Singles

Compilations / Other

Japanese Discography


Best Albums






  • [2014] Seoul Success Awards: Rookie of the Year
  • [2015] Bugs Awards: Idol of the Year
  • [2015.01.28] 4th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: New Artist of the Year
  • [2016.11.16] 1st Asia Artist Awards: Best Entertainer Award - Artist
  • [2016.11.19] 2016 MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artists
  • [2017.01.13] 31st Golden Disk Awards: Digital Single Bonsang - Main Award
  • [2017.01.19] 26th Seoul Music Awards - Bonsang
  • [2017.02.22] 6th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: Artist of the Year - February
  • [2017.09.20] 1st SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS: Bonsang Award
  • [2017.11.15] 2nd Asia Artist Awards: Best Icon
  • [2018.01.25] 27th Seoul Music Awards: Tik Tok Female Dance Performance Award
  • [2018.08.30] 2nd SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS: New Hallyu Female Popularity, Bonsang
  • [2018.11.28] 3rd Asia Artist Awards: Artist of the Year, Best Music Award
  • [2018.12.01] 2018 MelOn Music Awards: MelOn Top 10
  • [2018.12.12] 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Favorite Vocal Artist, Worldwide Fan's Choice Top 10
  • [2018.12.20] 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • [2019.01.05] 33rd Golden Disc Awards: Digital Bonsang
  • [2019.01.15] 28th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2019.04.24] U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS: Artists of the Year, Best Performer
  • [2019.08.01] M2 x Genie Music Awards: The Vocal Artist
  • [2019.08.22] 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Live Performance of the Year Award, Best Artist of the Year
  • [2019.11.16] 2019 V Live Awards - V Heartbeat: Vlive Global Partnership
  • [2019.11.30] 2019 MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artist
  • [2019.12.04] 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Favorite Vocal Performance
  • [2020.01.04] 34th Golden Disc Awards: Best Group
  • [2020.01.30] 29th Seoul Music Awards: Album of the Year (Bonsang)
  • [2020.08.13] 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2020.11.28] 5th Asia Artist Awards: Best Artist Award (singer)
  • [2020.12.06] 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Vocal Performance (Group) - "HIP", Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10
  • [2020.12.12] The Fact Music Awards: This Year's Artist
  • [2021.01.09] 35th Golden Disc Awards: Digital Bonsang

TV Music Shows

Neon is Mwondeul
Naro Malhal Geot Gateumyeon (Yes I Am)
Byeori Biccnaneun Bam
Neona Hae

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