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Red Velvet

Red Velvet promoting Chill Kill (2023)

Red Velvet (레드벨벳) is a Korean pop girl group formed by SM Entertainment. They debuted in 2014 as a four-member group with the digital single "Haengbok (Happiness)". In 2015, Yeri was added for the group's comeback with Ice Cream Cake.


  • Irene (Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocals)
  • Seulgi (Lead Vocals, Main Dancer)
  • Wendy (Main Vocals)
  • Joy (Lead Rapper, Vocals)
  • Yeri (Rapper, Vocals, Maknae)




Three of the four original members of Red Velvet were previously part of SM Entertainment's pre-debut team SM Rookies. Seulgi, the first member who joined the agency, was brought in through an audition in 2007. Irene, the next member to join the company, was cast in 2009. Wendy auditioned through the 'SM Global Audition' in Canada in 2012. Joy, the member who wasn't part of the SM Rookies, also auditioned through the 'SM Global Audition' in Seoul in 2012.

In July 2014, there were rumors of SM Entertainment forming a new girl group that would debut the following month which consisted of three girls from SM Rookies, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and another SM trainee who turned out to be Joy. SM Entertainment made an official announcement that the 4-member girl group, Red Velvet, will be making their official debut on August 1, 2014.

Yeri was also a member of SM Rookies, but wasn't revealed until after Red Velvet had debuted. She performed with other female trainees on several occasions before being added to the group.

Debut and "Be Natural"

Red Velvet promoting "Haengbok (Happiness)" (2014)

Red Velvet released a music video teaser of their debut song, "Haengbok (Happiness)" on July 27, 2014. The music video for the song was released on August 1, 2014, and on the same day the group had their official debut stage on the music program Music Bank.

"Haengbok (Happiness)", penned by Yoo Young Jin and composed by Will Simms and Chad Hugo, was released on August 4, 2014 through South Korea's music portals. Meanwhile, its music video also reached 1,000,000 views in just 11 hours.

Red Velvet released their second digital single "Be Natural" on October 13. The song is a remake of the 2000 song of the same name by S.E.S, S.M. Entertainment's first girl group. The group started their promotional activities for this release on October 9, making their first appearance on the music program M! Countdown. The music video for the song was released during the same day. It was directed by Shim Jaewon, who also worked with choreographer Kyle Hanagami for the choreography. The music video shows the original choreography seen in the pre-debut clip of members Irene and Seulgi when they performed the song in an SM Rookies video. It also features SR14B member Tae Yong doing the rap parts.

Red Velvet promoting Ice Cream Cake (2015)

Yeri addition & Ice Cream Cake

On March 11, 2015, SM Entertainment released an introduction video of Yeri, announcing her as a new member of the group. They also confirmed the release of their first album, Ice Cream Cake, which was released March 18th.

The group started promotions on music shows on March 19 and also promoted the album through the program Ice Cream TV, which was streamed through Naver Music and was hosted by SHINee's Minho. On March 15, it was announced that both "Automatic" and "Ice Cream Cake" would be promoted as double lead songs off the album. The music video for "Ice Cream Cake" was released on March 15. Ice Cream Cake topped Gaon's Weekly Album Sales Chart in its first week. It also debuted at #2 on Billboard's World Albums Chart and "Ice Cream Cake" peaked at #3 on Billboard's World Digital Songs Chart, while "Automatic" peaked at #9. On March 27, they won their first music show trophy on Music Bank. In August 2015, Red Velvet held their first U.S. performance during the annual KCON music festival in Los Angeles, California.


  • Official Fanclub: ReVeluv (레베럽)
  • Official Color: Pastel Coral

Korean Discography

Red Velvet promoting The Red (2015)
Red Velvet promoting Russian Roulette (2016)
Red Velvet promoting Perfect Velvet (2017)
Red Velvet promoting RBB (2018)
Red Velvet promoting The ReVe Festival 2022 - Birthday (2022)

Studio Albums


Digital Singles

Japanese Discography



Digital Singles




  • [2014] Escape Crisis No.1
  • [2014] Hello Counselor
  • [2014] Hidden Singer 3
  • [2014] Weekly Idol (Guest)
  • [2014] After School Club (Guest)
  • [2014] Let's Go! Dream Team II
  • [2015] After School Club (Guest with new member Yeri)
  • [2015] YamanTV (Guest with Lovelyz)
  • [2015] 100 People, 100 Songs
  • [2015] Weekly Idol (Guest with new member Yeri)

Commercials / Endorsements

  • [2014] Lotte Pepero ( with EXO )
  • [2015] Baskin Robbins ( with EXO )
  • [2015] Meters/bonwe
  • [2015] BLACK Martine SITBON
  • [2016] The Saem ( with Shinee )
  • [2016] Toreore Chicken
  • [2016] STARCON
  • [2017] NCSOFT Mobile Game ‘Lineage Red Knights’
  • [2017] Skechers ( with EXO )
  • [2017] NCSOFT Mobile Game 'Pro Baseball H2’
  • [2017] The Shilla Duty Free ( with Shinee & TVXQ )
  • [2018] Etude House


selfie bookred room

  • [2018.03.19] Selfie Book: Red Velvet
  • [2018.04.27] Red Room: Red Velvet First Concert


  • [2015.01.15] 29th Golden Disc Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2015.01.22] 24th Seoul Music Awards: New Artist Award
  • [2015.11.07] MelOn Music Award: "Dance" ("Ice Cream Cake")
  • [2015.12.02] 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Dance Performance - Female Group "Ice Cream Cake"
  • [2016.01.14] 25th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2016.01.20] 30th Golden Disc Awards: Digital Single Bonsang
  • [2016.02.17] 5th GAON Chart K-Pop Awards: Hot Performance Award
  • [2016.11.19] 2016 MelOn Music Awards: Top 10 Artists, Best Music Video
  • [2017.01.14] 31st Golden Disc Awards: CeCi Asia Icon Award
  • [2017.01.19] 26th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang Award
  • [2017.09.20] 1st SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS: Bonsang Award, Hallyu Icon Award, Rising Hot Star Award
  • [2017.12.01] 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards: Best Female Group
  • [2017.12.02] 2017 MelOn Music Awards: Top10 Artist
  • [2018.01.10] 32nd Golden Disc Awards: Digital Bonsang
  • [2018.01.25] 27th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2018.02.01] 2nd Korean Entertainment Producer's Association Awards: Artist of the Year
  • [2018.08.30] 2nd SORIBADA BEST K-MUSIC AWARDS: Bonsang, New Hallyu Artist
  • [2018.12.20] 2018 Korea Popular Music Awards: Bonsang Award, Group Dance Award
  • [2019.01.15] 28th Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2019.01.23] 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards: Song of the Year (August) - "Power Up"
  • [2019.04.24] U+5G THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS: Artists of the Year, Worldwide Icon
  • [2019.08.11] 2019 Teen Choice Awards: Choice Electronic/Dance Song - "Close to Me (Red Velvet Remix)"
  • [2019.08.23] 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Stage of the Year, Best Artist of the Year
  • [2019.11.26] 2019 Asia Artist Awards: Song of the Year - "Umpah Umpah", Asia Celebrity Singer
  • [2020.01.30] 29th Seoul Music Awards: Album of the Year (Bonsang)
  • [2020.08.13] 2020 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Bonsang, Music of the Year
  • [2021.01.09] 35th Golden Disc Awards: Digital Bonsang
  • [2021.01.13] 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards: Monthly Song of the Year (December) – "Psycho"
  • [2022.11.08] 2022 Genie Music Awards: Best Female Performance, Best Music Video – "Feel My Rhythm"
  • [2023.01.19] 32nd Seoul Music Awards: Bonsang
  • [2023.02.10] 2nd Hanteo Music Awards: Trend Award (Generation Icon)

TV Music Shows

Ice Cream Cake
Dumb Dumb
7wol 7il (One Of These Nights)
Russian Roulette
Bbalgan Mat (Red Flavor)
Bad Boy
Power Up
Umpah Umpah
Feel My Rhythm

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