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Chikara (BeForU)

"KI・SE・KI" Cover
Chikara (チカラ; Power)
Kosaka Riyu
Naoki Maeda
Other Information
Arrangement: Naoki Maeda

"Chikara" is a song released by BeForU and included on "KI・SE・KI" single as track #2. The song was originally just sung by Kosaka Riyu until it was released on their debut album BeForU with Backup vocals by the group.


Chikara (チカラ)
Found on "KI・SE・KI" single as track #2. This is the original version sung by Kosaka Riyu.
Chikara (LIVE BAND style) (チカラ)
Found on BeForU album earlier as track #1. This is a rock version sung by Kosaka Riyu with Backup vocals by BeForU.