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Kosaka Riyu

Kosaka Riyu (2013)

Kosaka Riyu (小坂りゆ) is a Japanese pop under the label 5pb. She made her debut in the Bemani line of music simulation video games from Konami, including Dance Dance Revolution, as a first generation member of BeForU.



BeForU Beginnings

On November 20, 2000, Konami and Toshiba-EMI held auditions to form a J-pop group, BeForU. Many people auditioned, and Kosaka, who was then fifteen years old, was one of four who joined the group. The group originally made songs for Bemani games and released their first song "DIVE". After Dive's success, BeForU produced more tracks for Dance Dance Revolution, including "DIVE: More Deep and Deeper Style" and "Firefly". This was when Kosaka got her first solo single, "true...". The song was a success in the DDR community, and Kosaka continued to release other songs in Bemani both with BeForU and as a solo singer.

Solo Career

In 2004, the band's first album, BeForU, was released, containing some solo work by Kosaka. In the same year, her first full solo album, begin was released. Since then, Kosaka released various singles both on her own and with BeForU, as well as a new album with the group. In 2007, she recorded a song for the film Kamen Rider The Next, "Platinum Smile". In December 2007, she released her sixth single, "Kokoro no Ato". The song was used in the anime Mokke. In 2008, she released her second studio album, every struggle. Due to the break-up of BeForU in late 2008, she did not produce any solo works for some time, until her release in 2010 on the compilation album Kimi ga Kiroeru, for the PC game Amatsu Misora ni!.


Kosaka Riyu promoting "Platinum Smile" (2007)
Kosaka Riyu promoting every struggle (2008)
Kosaka Riyu promoting "Saisho no MELODY" (2011)






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  • [2008.02.28] Riyu

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