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Four Piece / Live 2008

DVD Cover
Kosaka Riyu & BeForU
Four Piece / Live 2008
Disc 1 Tracklist (Riyu Kosaka / Live 2008)
  1. m.o.n.s.t.e.r
  2. Change my Way
  3. Kokoro no Ato (ココロの跡; Scars of the Heart)
  4. the eastern sky
  5. Sunny the Ride
  6. Thousand Stories
  7. 3D HEART
  8. every struggle
Disc 2 Tracklist (BeForU / Four Piece)
  1. Nishiuchi Hiromi introduction (西内裕美)
  2. Tachibana Ayano introduction (立花彩野)
  3. Fukushita Megumi introduction (福下惠美)
  4. BeForU Hatsu Tojo (初登場; First Appearance)
  5. Kimi to Sora to Zutto (キミと空とずっと; You and The Sky Forever)
  6. Live Oete Ending (ライブを終えて エンディング; Finished)


Four Piece / Live 2008 is the third live DVD released by Kosaka Riyu and also BeForU, only sold through their fan-club. The DVD contains a live performance of Kosaka Riyu featuring BeForU.