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CoCo (ココ) was a five member idol group from 1989 to 1994.



CoCo was formed in 1989 from the Fuji TV television show Paradise GoGo!! girl group Otomejyuku. The theme of the group was to express their music with the topic of the future of the world, dreams, love, having fun, and others. They debuted on September 1989 with the single EQUAL Romance and had much success, reaching #7 on the Oricon charts. At the same time, the seiyuu music group DoCo went on with the same conception of CoCo.

On May 1992, Sennou Azusa left the group after their final conest at the Nihon Budoukan to focus more on her solo career. The group planned to replace Sennou's vacant place by sending out audition application throughout their fanclub but never happened. The group disbanded two years later on September 1994.


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  • [1989.11.28] CoCo ga Sukii
  • [1990.03.08] CoCo Natsu Memor
  • [1990.10.28] Jyoji CoCo Sei Special
  • [1990.12.10] Oshaberi Parade CoCo made Oide ~Dream Palette Hen~
  • [1991.03.15] Bonny,Bonnie ~ Bonny Bonnie ~
  • [1991.07.01] Oshaberi Parade CoCo made Oide ~5 Carat no Romance Hen~
  • [1991.12.01] Oshaberi Parade CoCo made Oide ~5 Carat no Romance PART2~
  • [1992.02.25] CoCo
  • [1992.10.28] Yume wa CoCo kara
  • [1994.04.30] Kore ga Uwasa no Omaji nai Pet Chakra da!
  • [1994.07.25] Sweet & Bitter
  • [1994.10.20] Mirai wa CoCo kara

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