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Concert Tour 2009 Path of Independence at JCB Hall

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Hirahara Ayaka
Concert Tour 2009 PATH of INDEPENDENCE at JCB HALL
Catalog Number
  1. Nocturne (ノクターン)
  2. Ichibanboshi (一番星; First Star in the Evening)
  3. Kodoku no Mukou (孤独の向こう; The Other Side of Sadness)
  4. Akane (朱音 あかね)
  5. Ame no Sasayaki (雨のささやき)
  6. Ima, Kaze no Naka de (今、風の中で; Now, in the Wind)
  7. Ashita (明日; Tomorrow)
  8. Chikai (誓い; Oath)
  9. Boiling that Ring (Inst.)
  10. Precious Time (Sax Ver.)
  11. Re:PEPPER
  12. I'm Beginning To See The Light
  13. Ima・Koko・Watashi (今・ここ・私; Now, Here, I)
  14. Medley
    Sora ni Namida wo Kaeshitara (空に涙を返したら)
    Tenshi no Hashigo (天使の梯子)
    Sayonara Watashi no Natsu (さよなら 私の夏; Goodbye My Summer)
  15. Niji no Yokan (虹の予感; Rainbow Premonition)
  16. Hoshi Tsumugi no Uta (星つむぎの歌; Entwining Stars Together Song)
  17. Jupiter
  18. Path of Independence
  19. Campanula no Koi (カンパニュラの恋; Campanula's Love)
  20. Shinsekai (新世界; The New World)
  21. To be free


Concert Tour 2009 PATH of INDEPENDENCE at JCB HALL is Hirahara Ayaka's third concert DVD, and fifth overall.

Tour Schedule

Date Time Place
2009.05.09 18:00 JCB Hall

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