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D&D: Higa Chikano, Olivia Lufkin, Uehara Aya
Aya & Chika from D&D

D&D was a Japanese girl group that was moderately popular in the late '90's. Its members were Higa Chikano, Olivia Lufkin and Uehara Aya. "D&D" is an acronym for "Dance & Dream". Their music could be described as very happy, almost 80's styled J-Pop, mixed with Eurobeat. Late in 1998, producer Komuro Tetsuya decided that Olivia Lufkin had a huge potential to become a solo artist, and broke D&D up into two different artists; OLIVIA, Olivia Lufkin's solo project and Aya & Chika from D&D, the remaining two members. OLIVIA released her first single, "I.L.Y. ~Yokubou~", in February 1999.

Aya and Chikano released two more singles under the name of Aya & Chika from D&D, before disbanding. In fact, a third single had been planned (described by Neowing as a "Fresh, pop song") but was later cancelled. They both joined Hipp's in July 2000.

On October 2, 2022, Olivia Lufkin will be taking part in the Okinawa Actors School Renewal Show as a member of D&D.


  • OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin) (main vocals)
(b. 1979.12.09, h. 153cm, BT. A)
  • AYA (Uehara Aya; 上原あや) (backup vocals, dance)
(b. 1982.06.06, h. 160cm, BT. B)
  • CHIKA (Higa Chikano; 比嘉千賀乃) (backup vocals, dance)
(b. 1980.11.15, h. 156cm, BT. A)




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