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DNA1980 Vol.1

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Album Cover
Muto Ayami
DNA1980 Vol.1
2013.09.18 (iTunes)
¥1,000 (iTunes)
  1. Suteki na Lovely Boy (素敵なラブリーボーイ; Wonderful Lovely Boy) (original: Hayashi Hiroko)
  2. Cherry Blossom (チェリーブラッサム) (original: Matsuda Seiko)
  3. Ribbon (リ・ボ・ン) (original: Hori Chiemi)
  4. Kanashimi yo Konnichiwa (悲しみよこんにちは; Hello Sadness) (original: Saito Yuki)


DNA1980 Vol.1 is the first cover album released by Muto Ayami, as well as her first solo release overall. The name "DNA1980" comes from Muto's childhood, where she grew up listening to 80s music (even though she was born in 1996). The album was released limitedly at the venue of her July 19th Shibuya O-EAST live event, along with the second volume. It was housed in a LP-size case, came with a 16-page booklet, and each copy was numbered and autographed. A couple months later, the album was released on iTunes.