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DOPING PANDA was a Japanese rock group formed in 1997. They were under the Sony Japan label. The band disbanded in 2012.



They released their first album Performation in 2001, and the second We in Music in 2004. In 2005, DOPING PANDA released two mini-albums entitled High Fidelity, and High Pressure. After being received very well by the Japanese rock scene, the group went on a series of tours throughout the country, releasing their 2006 album DANDYISM, along with the hit singles "MIRACLE" and "Can't Stop Me". Following up on their earlier successes, the band released their first DVD entitled LIVE-ISM in October of 2006. On June 6th 2007, they released an EP titled High Brid, and on the 15th they appeared on the popular Japanese music program Music Station for the first time, and played the song "I'll be there" from their new EP.

During 2008, they released a new album Dopamaniacs followed by "beautiful survivor", their fifth single. In October they released a dance tune type single, "majestic trancer", in collaboration with VERBAL from m-flo.



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