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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Doushinen (ドウシンエン; Concentric Circles)
Catalog Number
KDSD-496 (Limited Edition)
KDSD-498 (Regular Edition)
¥3,675 (Limited Edition)
¥2,940 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Kimi Reflection (キミリフレクション; Your Reflection)
  2. Away we go (clear feat. Jakku, Tightson & Rapbit)
  3. Polaris (ポラリス) (Asamaru, clear) (Shake P Cover)
  4. Select me (afterwhile ver.)
  5. Hystery (ヒステリ) (amu) (Kuwagata P Cover)
  6. Shounen Ginga (少年銀河; Galaxy Boy) (amu, Michan, Asamaru) (Travolta Cover)
  7. imagined nation (Dasoku)
  8. Love Atomic Transfer (ラブアトミック・トランスファー) (Dasoku, clear) (papiyon Cover)
  9. Holography (amu, Dasoku, Michan) (Darvish P, Silent Symphonia Cover)
  10. Risky Game (リスキーゲーム) (amu, clear, Michan) (Kurosa P Cover)
  11. COLOUR
  12. Futari Boshi (フタリボシ; Two Stars) (Dasoku, Asamaru) (40mP Cover)
  13. Honno Sukoshi no Sayonara (ほんの少しのさよなら; Just a Little Goodbye) (koyori Cover)
  14. Ryuusei Swing By (流星スイングバイ/; Meteor Swing By) (feat. Jakku)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Select me (Music Video)
  2. COLOUR (Music Video)
  3. Kimi Reflection (キミリフレクション) (Music Video)
  4. Ryuusei Swing By (流星スイングバイ/) (Music Video)


"Doushinen" is the second album released by PointFive(.5). It was released in two versions, a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The album reached #12 on the Oricon charts, and charted for 3 weeks.

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