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Dream Land (SNH48 mini-album)

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Single Cover
Dream Land (梦想岛)
78元 (CD+DVD)
588元 (CD Only)
CD Tracklist
  1. Dream Land (梦想岛)
  2. LaLaLa (Team SII)
  3. Zhuān Shǔ PàiDuì (化作樱花树; Exclusive Party) (Team NII)
  4. Xiàrì Jìdòng (夏日悸动; Summer Excitement) (Team HII)
  5. Xiāngyù de Jìjié (相遇的季节; A Season to Meet) (Team X)
  6. Liàn'ài Wèidao (恋爱味道; The Taste of Being in Love) (Team XII)
  7. Dream Land off vocal ver. (梦想岛 off vocal ver.)
  8. LaLaLa off vocal ver.
  9. Zhuān Shǔ PàiDuì off vocal ver. (化作樱花树 off vocal ver.)
  10. Xiàrì Jìdòng off vocal ver. (夏日悸动 off vocal ver.)
  11. Xiāngyù de Jìjié off vocal ver. (相遇的季节 off vocal ver.)
  12. Liàn'ài Wèidao off vocal ver. (恋爱味道 off vocal ver.)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Dream Land (PV)

"Heavy Rotation" is the 12th mini-album released by SNH48. It was released in two editions: a CD+DVD edition and a CD only version.

Selected Members

SNH48 promoting the single

"Dream Land"

(Center: Liu JiongRan)


Artist: Team SII (SII队)

(Center: Dai Meng)

"Zhuān Shǔ PàiDuì"

Artist: Team NII (NII队)

(Center: Wan LiNa)

"Xiàrì Jìdòng"

Artist: Team HII (HII队)

(Center: Xu YangYuZhuo)

"Xiāngyù de Jìjié"

Artist: Team X (X队)

(Center: Zhang DanSan)

"Liàn'ài Wèidao"

Artist: Team XII (XII队)

(Center: Hong PeiYun)

Song Information

Chen LiZhi
Du ZhiWen