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SNH48 (2017)

SNH48 is a Chinese idol group based in Shanghai, where they have own theater. The group, established in 2012, is the third international sister group to AKB48 and is produced by Akimoto Yasushi. Their own theater is in Shanghai, China. The 1st generation members were announced in October, 2012. As of June 2016, they are no longer affiliated with AKB48.


SNH48 had a total of 235 original members during all their 8 generations. As of November 2017, SNH48 has 108 active members.


Current Team Members

Names with an asterisk (*) denote that the member has announced their graduation.

Team SII

Team SII (October 2017)

Team NII

Team NII (October 2017)

Team HII

Team HII (October 2017)

Team X

Team X (October 2017)

Team XII

Team XII (October 2017)

Zan Xiu

Zan Xiu (June 2017)


Former Members

Official Members

Concurrent Members

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Team SII

  • [2013.11.23 - 2013.12.15] Team SII 1st Stage "Saishuu Bell ga Naru" (チームSII 1st Stage「最後的鐘聲響起」)
  • [2013.12.27 - 2014.05.16] Team SII 2nd Stage "Nagai Hikari" (チームSII 2nd Stage「永恒之光」)
  • [2014.05.30 - 2014.11.01] Team SII 3rd Stage "Pajama Drive" (チームSII 3rd Stage「不眠之夜」)
  • [2014.11.07 - 2015.06.19] Team SII 4th Stage "RESET" (チームSII 4th Stage「勇气重生」)
  • [2015.06.26 - ] Team SII 5th Stage "Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai" (チームSII 5th Stage「让梦想闪耀」)

Team NII

  • [2013.11.23 - 2014.04.13] Team NII 1st Stage "Theater no Megami" (チームNII 1st Stage「剧场女神」)
  • [2014.04.25 - 2014.10.04] Team NII 2nd Stage "Saka Agari" (チームNII 2nd Stage「逆流而上」)
  • [2014.10.11 - 2015.04.18] Team NII 3rd Stage "Mokugekisha" (チームNII 3rd Stage「前所未有」)
  • [2015.04.24 - ] Team NII 4th Stage "Boku no Taiyou" (チームNII 4th Stage「我的太阳」)

Team HII

  • [2014.10.24 - 2015.05.xx] Team HII 1st Stage "Seishun Girls" (チームHII 1st Stage「青春派对」)
  • [2015.05.29 - ] Team HII 2nd Stage "Te wo Tsunaginagara" (チームHII 2nd Stage「手牵手」)

Team X

  • [2015.04.17 - 2015.10.xx] Team X 1st Stage "Saishuu Bell ga Naru" (チームX 1st Stage「最後的鐘聲響起」)
  • [2015.11.06 - ] Team X 2nd Stage "Saka Agari" (チームX 2nd Stage「逆流而上」)

Team XII

  • [2015.12.04 - ] Team XII 1st Stage "Theater no Megami" (チームXII 1st Stage「剧场女神」)


  • [2013.01.12 - 2013.11.11] SNH48 Kenkyuusei 1st Stage "Give Me Power!" (SNH48研究生 1st Stage 「Give Me Power!」)
  • [2013.11.02 - 2013.11.10 and 2015.12.04 - ] SNH48 Kenkyuusei 2nd Stage "Theater no Megami" (SNH48研究生 2nd Stage 「剧场女神」)


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