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E.Via a.k.a. Happy Evil

Album Cover
e.via a.k.a. happy e.vil
  1. e_Station Live FM 88.7: Intro (MC, Stacy Oh)
  2. Haedodwae? (Skit) (해도돼?; Can I Do It)
  3. Oppa! Rap Haedodwae? (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. VASCO, Jiguin of Bangsaneung) (오빠! Rap 해도돼?; Oppa! Can I Rap?)
  4. Ilgijang (Motiphie Edition) (Feat. Sori) (일기장; Diary)
  5. Neomu Pigonhae (Feat. UMJIE) (너무 피곤해; Too Tired)
  6. 2nd (Feat. Kjun, Steady Sketch A Of Fantastik Dos)
  7. e_Station Live FM 88.7 Eondeogeuraundeu Raeppeo (MC. Choe Eum Je) (언더그라운드 랩퍼; Underground Rapper)
  8. Hey! (Original Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble-Basick & Innovator)
  9. Gwayeon Geureolkka? (Feat. UMC, Tequila Addicted) (과연 그럴까?; What Do You Think?)
  10. e_Station Live FM 88.7 Geuge Baro Insaengui Jilliji (Skit) (MC. Choe Eum Je) (그게 바로 인생의 진리지; Meaning Of Life)
  11. Sonbari Ogeurogeul (손발이 오글오글; Shrinking)
  12. Oppa! Na Haedodwae? (XXX Version) (Feat. VASCO), Jiguin of Bangsaneung) (오빠! 나 해도돼?; Oppa! Can I Do It?)
  13. Hey! (Radio Edit Ver.) (Feat. Double Trouble-Basick & Innovator)
  14. Ilgijang (90's POP Edition.) (Feat. Sori) (일기장; Diary)
  15. 1/10


e.via a.k.a. happy e.vil is E.Via's debut album. The song "Oppa! Na Haedodwae?" was used as the lead track.

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