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Nan Jom Nol Jul Aneungeol

Single Cover
Digital Single
Nan Jom Nol Jul Aneungeol (난 좀 놀 줄 아는걸)
  1. Nan Jom Nol Jul Aneungeol (Feat. Lee Soo Jung) (난 좀 놀 줄 아는걸; I Know How To Play a Little)
  2. Nan Jom Nol Jul Aneungeol (Inst.) (난 좀 놀 줄 아는걸)


"Nan Jom Nol Jul Aneungeol" is E.Via's third solo digital single. The song features Lee Soo Jung singing the chorus. The song is described as a homage to PSY's "Gangnam Style" as she says the words PSY Oppan Gangnam Style four times at the end of the song and the music video also shows three boys doing the horse-riding dance. PSY also says in "Gangnam Style" that he wants a girl that knows how to play.