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Eien wo Azuketekure

Single Cover
Eien wo Azuketekure (永遠をあずけてくれ)
Catalog Number
  1. Eien wo Azuketekure (永遠をあずけてくれ; Daycare Me for Eternity)
  2. Sayonara mo Iwanaide ~Rain~ (さよならも言わないで~Rain~; Don't Say Goodbye ~Rain~)
  3. Eien wo Azuketekure (Original Karaoke)
  4. Sayonara mo Iwanaide ~Rain~ (Original Karaoke)


"Eien wo Azuketekure" is the fourth single released by DEEN. The title song was used as a CM song for DoCoMo. It reached #3 on weekly Oricon charts and charted for twelve weeks, selling 566,000 copies. Since it sold 565,850 copies in 1994, it reached #39 on the yearly Oricon chart for that year.


Song Information

Kawashima Daria
Kuribayashi Seiichiro
Other Information
Arrangement: Hayama Takeshi

Oricon Chart Positions

Week Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 9 76,800 76,800
2 3 118,860 195,660
3 6 101,540 297,200
4 8 70,790 367,990
5+6 7 71,810 439,800
7 17 72,430 512,230

Total Reported Sales: 566,000 * (#39 album of 1993)


Eien wo Azuketekure
Found on "Eien wo Azuketekure" single as track #1 and on DEEN album as track #11. This is the standard version of the song.
Eien wo Azuketekure (Original Karaoke)
Found on "Eien wo Azuketekure" single as track #3. It's the standard version without the vocals.
Eien wo Azuketekure ~Millennium a capella Version~
Found on "Christmas time" maxi-single as track #6 and on DEEN The Best Classics album as track #2. It is an a capella version with a different arrangement.
Eien wo Azuketekure (Kuribayashi Seiichiro)
Found on DEEN The Best Kiseki CD2 as track #5. This is a cover of the song made by Kuribayashi Seiichiro.

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