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Ero Guro Nonsense

Ero Guro Nonsense (エログロナンセンス), most often shortened to Ero Guro, is an artistic movement that started in Japan during the 1920's and 30's. The words are a combination of the contractions of the english words 'erotic' and 'grotesque' plus the word 'nonsense'. The movement is also shortened to just guro, though that term is usually used to describe pornography. Ero guro is used to describe works that puts its focus on grotesque imagery shown in an erotic manner. Ero guro is closely linked to angura-kei, as they are similar movements. The band cali≠gari is usually considered to be the "fathers" of ero guro when pertaining to music, while Togawa Jun has popularized the movement in the 1980's.