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FLAME was a Japanese boy band. Their sound was pop with a hip-hop influence until late 2003, when they attempted a more urban sound. Their latest single, Hanashitaku wa Nai, is a mix of rock and pop. The group have disbanded as of March 1st, 2010 with the twins Yusuke and Izaki Hisato keep on their activities as an actors and Kitamura Yu and Noguchi Seigo leaving Vision Factory to pursue other oportunities.


Past Members


FLAME debuted in 2001 with their single "Mune no Kodou". At this time, the members were Kaneko Kyohei, Kitamura Yu, Izaki Yusuke and Izaki Hisato, the Izaki brothers being twins. The group steadily released singles until their first album was released in late 2002 after four singles. A fifth single followed that in March 2003, but it was a different image and sound for the boy band. After their sixth single "Venus", their releases became sporadic. Nearly a year passed before their seventh single dropped, and later it was announced Kyohei would be leaving the band to pursue a solo career. He was replaced with Noguchi Seigo and the new FLAME released their eighth single, "Shake You Down" in early 2005. They've strayed far from their original image of boy band pop, incorporating hip-hop and rap into their eighth single. They began trying rock in 2006 with their latest single, "Hanashitaku wa Nai".






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