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FUNKY GRAMMAR UNIT is a Japanese joint between the hip-hop groups RHYMESTER, RIP SLYME, EAST END, KICK THE CAN CREW and MELLOW YELLOW. Despite the fact that they are a unit they have never released something together, however, the groups collaborate with each other both composing and featuring.


The idea to create the unit came with RHYMESTER's debut album, Ore ni Iwaserya, where they collaborated with MELLOW YELLOW and EAST END. Due to hip-hop being so unpopular in Japan, RHYMESTER discussed the idea with MELLOW YELLOW and EAST END, with both groups accepting the invite. In 1993, to commemorate the creation of FUNKY GRAMMAR UNIT, they held a live concert and due to it's success the concert begin to be held on the third Friday of every month at the Shibuya Club Bar FAMILY in Tokyo, the concert is called "FG NIGHT" and the venue changed to shibuya NUTS in 2002. RIP SLYME and KICK THE CAN CREW joined the unit later, in 1995 and 1996 respectively.






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