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FUMIYA promoting RIP SLYME's JOURNEY. (2009)

FUMIYA or DJ FUMIYA is a member of the Japanese hip-hop group RIP SLYME and part of the FUNKY GRAMMAR UNIT.




FUMIYA is considered the brains behind RIP SLYME, being the youngest member composing & producing almost every song with the exception of ones written by group members and guests. When signed onto Warner Music Japan, he took advantage of the freedom and was able to obtain musicians for his work. Their second single Zatsunen Entertainment used compositions of the famous Blood, Sweat & Tears song "Spinning Wheel".

He gained experience from EAST END X YURI's DJ Yoggy and continued to DJ for popular Okinawan group SPEED, kana & DA PUMP. He has as well remixed for many notable artists such as Heartsdales & Hamasaki Ayumi.

FUMIYA is childhood friends with fellow member SU(who danced regularly with his brother) and SMAP's Nakai Masahiro. The group make rare appearances on popular show Utaban and recall old stories.

While FUMIYA's character is very silent and passive, he is known for his mischevious nature. There is an ongoing joke of how he likes selling & buying things, first seen in the RIP STYLE photobook. He attempts to sell Mick Jagger & Robocop in the book among other things while asking to buy NASA, AV videos and a future RIP SLYME tune. His selling nature makes a reprise in the Solo Concert, where he sucessfully auctions off his jacket for 37,000 yen & the belongings of teammates.

During the MASTERPIECE album tour, FUMIYA announced his marriage on the 28th December 2004 where fans responded enthusiastically.

In 2005, FUMIYA fell severely sick. While his poor health was not uncommon, he was unable to keep up with his constant hospital visits. Forced to halt his participation in the upcoming concerts for RIP SLYME he was replaced with his childhood friend DJ Soma and took an indefinite hiatus. However his sickness did not stop him from producing HALCALI's single Twinkle Star.


Short for Oshare Track Factory, this is the side project of Fumiya along with other member RYO-Z. They started in 2003, producing the sucessful group HALCALI who won the 2003 Japan Gold Disc for FUMIYA's tune "Strawberry Chips".






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