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H.Hayama is a keyboardist, producer, musician, member of the group Tourbillon, and former member of the group D-LOOP.


  • Full Name: Hiroaki Hayama (葉山拓亮)
  • Birth Date: June 22nd, 1974
  • Birth Place: Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Height: 178cm
  • Hobby: Movie appreciation
  • Favorite sport: Basketball


Hiroaki Hayama started playing piano and violin at the tender age of three. He began writing music at an early age, composing over 500 songs during high school. In 1997, Hayama joined D-LOOP, which originally was a three member project and released "Just place of Love", "Love me tender" and "GLORY DAYS" before the group took a hiatus in 1998.

Shortly after, he became one of avex's secret weapons, composing for a number of their artists. He was responsible for creating the sound that defined w-inds., producing their entire debut album, and writing seven of their singles and a numerous amount of B-sides. In addition to his work with w-inds., he also produced hiro and other musicians such as Amuro Namie. Easily said, Hayama is one of the most influential composers who define the Japanese pop sound.

After meeting Kawamura Ryuichi through a mutual friend at a golf game, the two became fast friends and they collaborated on in Ryuichi's album, VANILLA. Hayama composed "Missing You", and the two began a good working relationship. In 2004, Hayama decided to revive D-LOOP, pairing up with his vocalist -- this time, exempting the former guitarist, producing grace mode.

Shortly after, Hayama founded Tourbillon with Ryuichi and INORAN in 2005.

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