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Heart Song

Special Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Chris Hart
Heart Song
2013.06.05 (Regular Edition)
2013.09.04 (Special Edition)
Catalog Number
UMCK-1448 (Regular Edition)
UMCK-9634 (Special Edition)
¥3,059 (Regular Edition)
¥3,800 (Special Edition)
CD Tracklist
  1. Arigato (ありがとう; Thank You) (Ikimonogakari Cover)
  3. Kazoku ni Narou yo (家族になろうよ; Let's Become a Family) (Fukuyama Masaharu Cover)
  4. home (Kiyama Yusaku Cover)
  5. Tashika na Koto (たしかなこと; Something Certain) (Oda Kazumasa Cover)
  6. Boku ga Ichiban Hoshikatta Mono (僕が一番欲しかったもの; The Thing I Wanted Most) (Makihara Noriyuki Cover)
  7. Mirai e (未来へ; To The Future) (Kiroko Cover)
  8. Tabidatsu Hi (旅立つ日; The Day to Be Going on a Journey) (JULEPS Cover)
  9. Kiseki wo Nozomu Nara... (奇跡を望むなら...; If I Wish a Miracle) (JUJU Cover)
  10. Hitomi wo Tojite (瞳をとじて; Close Your Eyes) (Hirai Ken Cover)
  11. Kaede (楓; Maple) (Spitz Cover)
  12. Nada Soso (涙そうそう; Great Tears are Spilling) (Moriyama Ryoko Cover)
  13. Sakura (Dokusho) さくら (独唱); (Cherry Blossom (Solo)) (Moriyama Naotaro Cover)
  14. Mamoritai ~magic of a touch~ (まもりたい; Want to Protect) (Special Edition Bonus Track)
DVD Tracklist
  1. home (Music Video)
  2. Tashika na Koto (たしかなこと) (Music Video)
  3. Tabidatsu Hi (旅立つ日) (Music Video)
  4. Mirai e(Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO on 2013.4.8)
  5. Tabidatsu Hi (Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO on 2013.4.8)
  6. Boku ga Ichiban Hoshikatta Mono (Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO on 2013.4.8)
  7. home (Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO on 2013.4.8)


Heart Song is the first cover album released by Chris Hart. It was released in two versions: a Special CD+DVD edition and a Regular CD-only edition. The Special Edition comes with a bonus track (an original song), DVD, and was released almost three months later. All songs are cover songs except for the bonus track on the Special edition. The album reached #3 on the Oricon charts, and charted for 19 weeks.

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