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Hime-chen! Otogichikku Idol Lilpri

Hime-chen! Otogichikku Idol Lilpri (ひめチェン!おとぎちっくアイドル リルぷりっ) is an anime and manga based on the SEGA game Lilpri Yubi Puru Hime-chen! The series began airing April 4, 2010.


Lilpri is a magical girl anime and manga series. The main characters are elementary school students who can transform into fairy tale princesses.


  • Yukimori Ringo (雪森りんご): An energetic girl who transforms into Snow White. She likes apple pie and has seven younger brothers. Voiced by Wada Ayaka.
  • Takashiru Layla (高城レイラ): A girl who loves to clean and transforms into Cindrella. She likes pumpkin soup. Voiced by Maeda Yuuka.
  • Sasahara Natsuki (笹原名月): A girl who likes sports and pudding. She transforms into Kaguya-hime. Voiced by Fukuda Kanon.
  • Wish: A super idol who Ringo, Layla, and Natsuki all love. Also appears as a white rabbit dressed as a magician.
  • Sei (セイ): Ringo's magical pet blue bird.
  • Dai (ダイ): Layla's magical pet squirrel.
  • Ryoku (リョク): Natsuki's magical pet green dragon.


The voice actors of the main characters make up the unit Lilpri, who perform the opening theme. The ending theme is by S/mileage, the main group to which the members of Lilpri belong.

Opening themes
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