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Igo Akun

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Igo Akun

Igo Akun is the guitarist of the Johnny's Entertainment junior group Question?.



  • His strong point is that he is cheerful.
  • His weak point is that he gets lonely quickly.
  • His hobby is playing guitar.
  • His father is Turkish and his mother is half-Japanese.
  • He can't speak English.
  • Yodogawa Yoshihiro's friends introduced him to Question?'s members.
  • As a child, he played a part in the 1997 movie Swallowtail.
  • When a member tells him "You are hopeless", he immediately collapses. (from Shounen Club)
  • However, he recovers quickly, even if the members blame him, the next day he'll be fine. (from Shounen Club)

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