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The Shounen Club

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The Shounen Club (ザ少年倶楽部, also seen Shounen Club and Shokura) is a pre-recorded bi-monthly variety show exclusively for the juniors of Johnny's Jimusho. The show airs on the first two Sundays of each month on the NHK BS2 channel, with a different theme and producer(s) for each episode. It often features special guests from debuted Johnny's Entertainment groups, as well as different segments such as perfomances, Anata ni Otegami wo Kakimashou! in which two juniors exchange letters and Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen in which the juniors play games with the hosts (officially NEWS' Koyama Keiichiro and KAT-TUN's Nakamaru Yuichi) or show their talents to the special guest judges.


This show actualy started with the name Flash & Jump (before the 90's). Groups, that often performed at that time were Hikaru Genji and SMAP.

On October 1993 the name changed to "Idol on Stage". Groups, that often performed at that time were SMAP, TOKIO, KinKi Kids and V6. This show was aired until March 1997.

Starting March 1997 "Music Jump" started to air with a similiar format as "Idol on Stage". V6 used to act as host of this show, later it became a Johnny's Jr. show with Takizawa Hideaki leading them. Top Jrs. at that time were the members of Arashi, Tackey & Tsubasa and Kanjani8.

In April 2000 the name of the show changed to "The Shounen Club" with Johnny's Jr. as lead of the show. At first the show was led by Yamashita Tomohisa, Kazama Shunsuke and Yokoyama You. It was said that Takizawa Hideaki had graduated from the show and left the show to his juniors, so he sometimes just came as guest. But he just couldn't let his hand off the show, so he created new segments for the show, like Meitantei Tomas, and he filmed the opening clip for the show. Later Yokoyama You also graduated and soon after that Four Tops became the main host of this show. After the debut of NEWS in 2003, KAT-TUN and NEWS became the main hosts, while Kanjani8 often came as guest and sometimes also as side host.

On the 7th May 2006, Koyama Keiichiro hosted this show alone for the first time. Later on Nakamaru Yuichi accompanied him as the main hosts.

Aside from NEWS, Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN, other debuted groups that often performed there are Hey! Say! JUMP and Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow when they were still Juniors as well as after debuting.

In April 2011 Koyama Keiichiro and Nakamaru Yuichi passed the host position to Hey! Say! JUMP. Each month some members of Hey! Say! JUMP would act as MC's for the show.

Starting April 2014 A.B.C-Z's Kawai Fumito and Johnnys' WEST's Kiriyama Akito became the MC's of this show replacing Hey! Say! JUMP.


Meitantei Tomas

This corner was first aired on 19.11.2000. In this corner Ikuta Toma, dressed as a detective with a loupe in his hand, will answer questions sent trough letters about the Juniors.

Jr. ni Q

Before the show, some of the juniors write some sentences about the theme that day on a small paper. Then these papers are shown on a board. Backstage, where the Juniors are waiting to perform, the host will choose some of the Juniors to explain their writing about the theme.

Anata ni Otegami wo Kakimashou!

Here two juniors read a letter they wrote for each other in front of the audience.

Shiroyagi-kun's and Kuroyagi-kun's I got a your lette

A probleme from the audience's letter will be read. In the letter the writer is always confused between 2 choises. Here Yabu Kouta, wearing a white goat head, and Yaotome Hikaru, wearing a black goat head, will each choose one of the choises and explain why they choosed it. Then they ask the live-audiences to vote, which choise will they choose to solve the probleme.

Heisei Post

Some letter from audience will be read and they will discuss it.

Reading letters from YOU

Some letters from fans will be read.

Junior Highschool/ Jr. no Miracle Daisakusen/ Junior Colloseum

This corner has many names but basicly it's the same. Here the juniors play different kind of games, show their talents and abilities and do battles.

During the time when this corner was called Junior Highschool, Kamenashi Kazuya dressed as a proffessor host this corner and will give some tasks to the juniors to decide the winner.

- Quiz Shokura Mania

The juniors will be asked a question about Shounen Club. They have to choose between 2 answers. Those who got the wrong answer will be send to the backstage.

- Who is Mr. X!!

Mr. X can be anyone who is hiding backstage and whose voice is changed, so that the others don't know who he is. Here 4 or 5 person has to guess, who Mr. X is.

- ... wo Abake

Here the members of a group will come on stage. Their eyes are then covered with eye mask and their voives are modivied so they won't know who is speaking. Some questions will be asked about and the can rise their hands if they have something to say. Because they don't know who is speaking, they can reveal some secrets of the others, wich only they know.

15.02.2004 - KAT-TUN wo Abake
05.12.2004 - NEWS wo Abake
13.02.2005 - San Kyoudai wo Abake
05.08.2007 - NEWS wo Abake
14.06.2009 - NEWS wo Abake
05.07.2009 - BEST wo Abake
11.10.2009 - Kis-My-Ft2 wo Abake
07.02.2010 - Question? wo Abake
07.10.2011 - Hey! Say! 7 wo Abake

- Who is the Impersonator!?

A.B.C. member will show their talent, but one of them is lying about his talent. 4 or 5 person has to guess who lies.

- Hot Blooded Jr. League!

Some juniors are divided into 2 groups, Passionate Rainbows and Dream Bombers. They have to answer some funny questions or do some act to win the battle of that they. Each episode they win will be calculated.

- What is in the Box?

Some juniors has to guess, what is insinde the box, only by touching it.

- The Shounen Gong Show


15.02.2004 - Theme: Graduation
12.12.2004 - Christmas Special
09.01.2005 - Theme: Kibou (hope)
13.02.2005 - Theme: Try
20.02.2005 - Theme: Mirai (future)
03.04.2005 - Theme: Dokidoki (hearth beat)
08.05.2005 - Theme: Ao (Blue)
15.05.2005 - Theme: Friends
19.06.2005 - Theme: Love & Natural
10.07.2005 - Theme: Cherish
21.08.2005 - Our Summer, Special review
11.09.2005 - Theme: Negai (Wish)
18.09.2005 - Theme: Tears
09.10.2005 - Theme: Crush
13.11.2005 - Theme: Smile
20.11.2005 - Theme: Pride
11.12.2005 - Theme: Arigatou (Thank you)
18.12.2005 - Christmas Special
08.01.2006 - Theme: Boys be ambitious
15.01.2006 - Theme: What's an adult?
05.03.2006 - Theme: Love
19.03.2006 - Theme: Departure
09.04.2006 - Theme: Debut
16.04.2006 - KAT-TUN's debut
02.07.2006 - Theme: Message
01.10.2006 - Theme: Sexy
08.10.2006 - Theme: Michi (path)
23.12.2006 - Christmas Special <guest: Takizawa Hideaki>
08.04.2007 - Theme: Start
03.06.2007 - Theme: Jinx
01.07.2007 - Shonen Club in Osaka, Theme: Osaka <guest: Kanjani8>
08.07.2007 - Shonen Club in Osaka, Theme: Color <guest: Kanjani8>
05.08.2007 - Theme: Summer
12.08.2007 - Theme: Summer
23.12.2007 - Christmas Special ~Our Presents~ <guest: Takizawa Hideaki>
02.03.2008 - Theme: Tears <guest: NEWS>
06.07.2008 - Shonen Club in Osaka, Theme: Summer
13.07.2008 - Shonen Club in Osaka, Theme: Smile
03.08.2008 - Theme: Vacation
10.08.2008 - Theme: Adventure
14.09.2008 - Theme: Koi (Love)
21.12.2008 - Christmas Special - Our Christmas Present special
05.07.2009 - with Hey! Say! JUMP <guest: Tegomass>
12.07.2009 - with Hey! Say! JUMP and Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow
11.10.2009 - Theme: Nakama (Friend) <guest: Hey! Say! BEST>
01.11.2009 - <guest: Takizawa Hideaki>

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