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Izawa Ichiyou

Izawa Ichiyou (伊澤一葉) is the keyboardist for the HIATUS and the former keyboardist/pianist for Tokyo Jihen.

He was born in Kurashiki on July 4th 1976. He played in some school bands as a keyboard player and vocalist before moving to Tokyo to enter university. In 2004 he founded an indie band called Appa. Izawa Ichiyou entered Tokyo Jihen as the keyboardist in the second season of releases, replacing H Zetto M. During the recording of Tokyo Jihen's second album Adult Izawa contracted tendonitis, which caused him to halt production temporarily, and not play during the Ringo-han convention.

Songs Composed for Tokyo Jihen

While Shiina Ringo composes most of the songs for Tokyo Jihen, members have composed several songs in their discography.