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Joy (Kudo Shizuka)

Cover Art
Kudo Shizuka
1989.03.15 (LP, CT, CD)
1993.12.01 (CD)
Catalog Number
C28A-0691 (LP)
28P6874 (CT)
D35A-0428 (Limited Edition Golden CD)
D32A-0421 (Regular Edition CD)
PCCA-0516 (1993 Re-release CD)
¥3,350 (Limited Edition Golden CD)
¥3,000 (Regular Edition CD, LP, CT)
¥3,568 (1993 Re-release CD)
  1. Tenshi Mitai ni Odorasete (天使みたいに踊らせて; Dance Like an Angel)
  2. Tottemo Chiisa na Shoushin (とても小さな傷心; Very Small Hearbreak)
  3. Kiseki no Shouzou (奇跡の肖像; The Portrait of Miracles)
  4. Uchuu no Shoumen (宇宙の正面; The Front of the Universe)
  5. Sabishii Yoru ni wa Watashi wo Yonde (寂しい夜には私を呼んで; Call Me on a Lonely Night)
  6. No no no no ~Kohaku no Cocktail~ (No no no no 〜琥珀のCocktail〜; The Cocktail of Amber)
  7. Yume Utsutsu Jealousy (夢うつつジェラシー; Half Asleep and Half Awake Jealously)
  8. Garasu no Sanctuary (硝子のサンクチュアリ; The Sanctuary of Glass)
  9. Mayonaka no Collect Call (真夜中のコレクトコール; Midnight's Collect Call)
  10. Koi Hitoyo (恋一夜; Love All Night)


JOY is the third studio album released by Kudo Shizuka. The album reached #1 on the weekly Oricon charts, selling 364,800 copies. It also reached #24 on the yearly Oricon chart for 1989.

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