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Album Cover
Juingong (주인공; Hero)
  1. Hit Me (feat. Illinit)
  2. Juingong (feat. LMNOP) (주인공; Hero)
  3. Masquerade (feat. Park Mi Kyung) (가면무도회)
  4. Go Go Sing (feat. Whale)
  5. Ibyeol Harttae Piryohanjase (feat. Kuan of All That) (이별할 때 필요한 자세; Attitude Needed When Breaking Up)
  6. Pierrotui Nun Mul 3 (feat. Rimi) (피에로의 눈물3; Tears of Pierrot 3)
  7. Soyeoniyeo (feat. Sat Byeol) (소년이여; Oh Boy)
  8. Skit
  9. Jinjia (feat. Sunday 2PM) (진짜; Real)
  10. S.O.B (feat. Jibaek, San E)
  11. Roller Coaster (feat. Yohan of Pia) (롤러코스터)
  12. Seonmul (feat. KEIKEI) (선물; Gift)
  13. Everlasting (feat. Sunday 2PM, Kuan, LMNOP, KEIKEI, CURIOUS)
  14. Sesangbakk Euroui Hanghae (feat. KEIKEI, L.E.O) (세상 밖으로의 항해; Out Into The World of Sailing)
  15. Kkumuidaehwa (feat. Jubyunin) (꿈의 대화; Dream Dialog)


Juingong is the third album released by Outsider. The title track and the song "Ibyeol Harttae Piryohanjase" were used as the lead tracks.

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