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KK.Null (1961-) is an accomplished noise artist, working with many artists and bands in the experimental music scene over his 23+ year history.

The Man

KK.Null (Kishino Kazuyuki) hails from Tokyo, where his career started during his time studying Butou dancing as a guitar improviser, and gained fame since with his solo works and other projects (most famous is probably Zeni Geva, which is described at his official site as a "progressive hardcore trio"). He has worked with dozens of bands and artists, including John Zorn, Yamamoto Seiichi (of Boredoms), Otomo Yoshihide, and more. He is described as a "composer, guitarist, singer, electronicist and drummer," which definitely holds true, and has also been credited with production on various albums, including Melt-Banana's album Speak Squeak Creak, and has even started his own record label, Nux Organization. He has been credited with creating one of the first records to bring Japanese alternative music to America, with the LP Deadtech, which also has an artspace named after it in Chicago, Illinois (America).

The Music

Null has dabbled in many types of music with his various projects, but his mainstay seems to be noise. Here is a list of the bands he's worked with, been in, and toured with.

Collaborations and Tour Collaborations

This does not include other artists he has made bands with

  • Note: Some American artists are lists purely because of their extensive work with Japanese artists.


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