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Speak Squeak Creak

Album Cover
Speak Squeak Creak
2001.06.19 (US reissue)
2001.06.26 (Japan reissue)
Catalog Number
AZCD-0004 (Japan reissue)
¥2,000 (Japan reissue)
  1. Tail In Garbage (Tekepake)
  2. Rragg
  3. In x Out = Bug
  4. Scrubber
  5. So Unfilial Rule
  6. Dust Head
  7. A Teaspoon of Salt
  8. Stick Out
  9. Mouse Is a Biscuit
  10. 55 Hands Need to Cut Down
  11. P-Pop-Slop
  12. Smell the Medicine
  13. Switch
  14. P.B.D.
  15. Mind Thief
  16. Chicken Headed Raccoon Dog
  17. Cry for More Fish
  18. Screw, Loose
  19. Cook Cool Kyau Kuru
  20. Scissor Quiz
  21. Too Many to Dispose
  22. Blandished Hatman
  23. Cut Off
  24. Pierced Eye
  25. (untitled) (Hidden Track)


Speak Squeak Creak is the first album released by MELT-BANANA. The album was recorded in a basement in Chicago June and July 1994 by Steve Albini and produced by KK Null. Most songs in this album are under one minute long and some even under 30 seconds. The last song on the album is a Hidden Track and untitled, the song consists of all the songs on the album played at once.