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Bambi's Dilemma

Album Cover
Bambi's Dilemma
Catalog Number
AZCD-0007 (Japan)
¥3,000 (Japan)
  1. Spider Snipe
  2. Blank Page of the Blind
  3. Cracked Plaster Cast
  4. Heiwaboke Crisis
  5. Cat Brain Land
  6. Plasma Gate Quest
  7. Type: Ecco System
  8. The Call of the Vague
  9. Green Eyed Devil
  10. Crow's Paint Brush (Color Repair)
  11. T For Tone
  12. Slide Down
  13. Lock the Head
  14. One Drop, One Life
  15. In Store
  16. Dog Song
  17. Chain Keeper
  18. Last Target On the Last Day


Bambi's Dilemma is the sixth album released by MELT-BANANA. The album has more of a pop sound compared to their previous releases. The name of the album is from an incident to vocalist Onuki Yasuko when she was driving the band's touring van in the US and hit a deer, and kept thinking about the character Bambi from the film of the same name.