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MxBx 1998/13,000 Miles at Light Velocity

Album Cover
MxBx 1998/13,000 Miles at Light Velocity
Catalog Number
TZ-7219 (Japan)
¥2,000 (Japan)
  1. Scratch or Stitch
  2. Rragg
  3. Wedge
  4. Seesaw Semiology
  5. Circle-Jerk (Chase the Magic Words, Lego, Lego)
  6. Sick Zip Everywhere
  7. Disposable Weathercock
  8. Mind Thief
  9. Blandished Hatman
  10. Iguana in Trouble
  11. Tapir's Flown Away
  12. His Name Is Mickey (At Last She Got Him...)
  13. We Love Choco-Pa!
  14. Some Kind of ID
  15. Stick Out
  16. Scrubber
  17. Screw, Loose
  18. First Defy
  19. So Unfilial Rule
  20. Spathic!
  21. Picnic in Panic
  22. It's in the Pillcase
  23. Surfin' U.S.A.
  24. Bad Gut Missed Fist
  25. Ketchup-Mess
  26. Plot in a Pot


MxBx 1998/13,000 Miles at Light Velocity is the second live album released by MELT-BANANA. The album contains a live performance in their studio.