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Scratch or Stitch

Japan Cover
US / Europe Cover
Record Cover
Speak Squeak Creak
1995.10.21 (Japan)
1996.05.xx (US)
Catalog Number
MECI-25041 (Japan)
¥2,500 (Japan)
  1. Plot in a Pot
  2. Scratch or Stitch
  3. Sick Zip Everywhere
  4. Disposable Weathercock
  5. Ten Dollars a Pile
  6. Ketchup-Mess
  7. Buzzer #P
  8. Rough Dogs Have Bumps
  9. Iguana in Trouble
  10. It's in the Pillcase
  11. Test: Ground 1
  12. Zoo, No Vacancy
  13. A Finger to Hackle
  14. Type B for Me
  15. His Name Is Mickey (At Last She Got Him...)
  16. Back to the Womb
  17. I Hate It
  18. What Do You Slaughter Next?
  19. Eye-Q Trader
  20. Dig Out!
  21. Contortion Out of Confusion
  22. Pigeon on My Eyes (Go to Bed!!!)


Scratch or Stitch is the second album released by MELT-BANANA. The album was recorded in July and August 1995 by Jim O'Rourke and produced by Steve Albini. Most songs in this album are under two minutes long and some under even 30 seconds. Record US versions of this album were limited to 2,600 copies, housed in blue rubber packaging with a poster lyric sheet and a special Melt-Banana temporary tattoo.

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