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LOOΠΔ promoting The Origin Album [0] (2023)

LOOΠΔ (이달의 소녀) is a Korean pop girl group that debuted in 2018 under the Polaris Entertainment sub-label BlockBerryCreative. They made their Japanese debut under Universal Music on September 15, 2021.


Former Members



LOOΠΔ logo


The group LOOΠΔ was first revealed at the end of September 2016. Set to be a 12-member group, one new member will be revealed per month until their debut in 2018. Each new member revealed, dubbed "Idarui Sonyeo" (Girl of the Month), will release a solo song, and sometimes also a new song with members who have already been revealed. On October 4th, member HeeJin was the first to reveal her solo single. HeeJin's music video was filmed in Seoul, and the acoustic version was filmed in Paris, France. Member HyunJin was revealed next on October 27th, and her solo single was released on November 17th. Her music video was filmed in Tokyo, Japan and the duet song with HeeJin was filmed in France. The third member HaSeul was revealed on December 8th, and her single was released on December 15th. The music video for her solo song was filmed in Iceland, and the group song was filmed in London, England. The fourth member YeoJin was revealed on January 3, 2017 and her single released on January 16th. The MV for "My Melody" by HaSeul & YeoJin was filmed in Taipei, Taiwan.

On February 5, 2017 a video was posted to LOONA's YouTube account revealing there would be a sub-unit consisting of three already revealed members and one new member. The fifth member ViVi was revealed on February 12th. The group's first sub-unit LOOΠΔ 1/3 debuted on March 10th, and ViVi's single was released on April 17th. The music video for ViVi's song "Everyday I Love You" was filmed in Busan, South Korea. When the video reached 300,000 views, a video for "Everyday I Need You" featuring mystery member JinSoul was released.

LOOΠΔ (2018)

The video was filmed in Hong Kong, China. LOONA's sixth member, KimLip, was revealed on May 15th. Her songs were released on the 23rd. It was also announced that KimLip would be in the second sub-unit of the group. Seventh member JinSoul was officially revealed on June 13th. Her single was released on the 26th with lead track "Singing in the Rain". The single also featured a song with KimLip titled "Love Letter". The eighth member, Choerry, was revealed on July 11th. Her single was released on July 28th, which included her debut song "Love Cherry Motion" and the song "Puzzle" sung jointly with JinSoul. The second sub-unit ODD EYE CIRCLE with members KimLip, JinSoul, and Choerry was revealed on August 29th.

The ninth member of LOONA, Yves, was revealed on November 14th. Her single was released on the 28th with lead track "new". Their tenth member Chuu was revealed on December 14th. Her single was released on the 28th with lead track "Heart Attack". Go Won, the eleventh member of LOONA, was revealed on January 15, 2018. Her single was released on January 30, with lead track "One & Only". The group's twelfth and final member Olivia Hye was revealed on March 17th.

On April 26, BlockBerryCreative revealed a teaser for the third and final sub-unit of LOOΠΔ, yyxy, which contains the last four members Yves, Chuu, Go Won and Olivia Hye.

On July 9, their official fanclub name, "Orbit (오빛)", was revealed.

Lead Single Release

On July 28, 2018, a mysterious teaser was uploaded to LOONA's YouTube account featuring a blood-red moon and the symbol "+ +". On July 30th, the first image of the entire group was released, noting the release date of August 7th for their lead single, "favOriTe".

LOOΠΔ promoting [××] (2019)


The song's release on August 20, 2018, was accompanied by a music video that was directed by the production company Digipedi, which also worked on many of LOONA's previous music videos, including for "favOriTe". The video is colorful and depicts the members of LOONA each dressed in a schoolgirl style, dancing and running. At the end of the video, LOONA member HeeJin jumps upward toward the sky, portraying a sense of positivity and enthusiasm.

The music video reached three million views in three days after its debut, and it later surpassed ten million views eight days after its debut.

"Hi High" peaked at number 11 on the US World Digital Songs Sales, marking their second consecutive entry on the chart as a full group.

2019-20: Charts Records

LOONA is the fourth Korean girl group to achieve the milestone of having a #1 on iTunes Charts in the USA after BLACKPINK, Red Velvet and TWICE.

They also achieved the milestone of having all of the following songs to peak on the following positions on Billboard World Digital Song Sales: #1 "So What", #1 "365", #4 "favOriTe", #5 "The Carol", #6 "Butterfly", #9 "Egoist", #11 "Hi High", #15 "Sweet Crazy Love" and #22 "Rosy".

They became the first Korean girl group to reach #1 on both US iTunes’ Top Songs And Albums Charts with "365", they repeated the fact with the release of "So What", and now they hold the record of being the most successful album by a Korean girl group on iTunes, being #1 in 56 different countries.

LOONA joins BLACKPINK as the only two k-pop girl groups to hit #1 on the UK iTunes charts.

2021-23: Leaving Blockberry

In December 2021, Chuu filed an injunction to suspend her exclusive contract with Blockberry Creative. She was granted a partial injuection on March 29, 2022. On November 25, Blockberry Creative announced that Chuu had been removed from the group, citing an "abuse of power". On November 28, 2022, JTBC reported that all of the remaining members, excluding HyunJin and ViVi, had filed for provisional injunction to suspend their contracts with Blockberry Creative.

On January 13, 2023, HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry were granted preliminary injunctions, and they subsequently signed with MODHAUS on March 17th. On May 9th, HyunJin and ViVi were granted preliminary injunctions, and both members signed with CTDENM two days later. On June 16th, Seoul Economic Daily reported that the remaining members had won the lawsuit against the label, terminating their contracts. On June 21st, it was announced that HaSeul had signed with MODHAUS. On July 5th, it was reported that YeoJin, Go Won, and HyeJu had signed with CTDENM. On July 6th, Yves revealed she would continue as a soloist.

Despite splitting into separate companies and groups, LOONA itself has not officially disbanded. Kim Lip stated on July 12, 2023 that "[LOONA] is not a disbanded group, however since [the members] cannot use the [group] name freely, we are leaving the possibility of activities as a full group opened."


  • Official Fanclub: Orbit (오빛)
  • Their name comes from parts of Hangul in their Korean name "Idarui Sonyeo" (이달의 소녀 → ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ → ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ → LOOΠΔ).

Korean Discography

LOOΠΔ promoting "Star" (2020)
LOOΠΔ promoting [&] (2021)
LOOΠΔ promoting "LUMINOUS" (2022)


Other Mini-Albums

Digital Singles

Pre-Debut Singles

Pre-Debut Digital Singles

Japanese Discography


Digital Singles


Web Dramas


  • [2016–] LOOΠΔ TV
  • [2017] Weekly Poem /이달의 소녀 X 주간시집
  • [2017–20] Fact in Star (Ep. 23, 58, 97 and 119)
  • [2019] Weekly Idol (Ep.449)
  • [2019] RUN.WAV (Ep.15)
  • [2020] Knowing Bros (Ep.226)
  • [2020] Civilization Express (MMTG) (Ep. 110)
  • [2022] Queendom 2 (Contestant)


  • [2017] LAW OF CREATION
  • [2017] Weekly Poem
  • [2017] HANYUL
  • [2018] innisfree
  • [2018] LOTTE Department Store APP
  • [2018] Snack World
  • [2018] AVAJAR
  • [2018] LG
  • [2019] HiMart
  • [2019–20] Skoolooks


  • [2018.11.04] 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMA): Best Korea Act
  • [2018.12.19] 2019 Korea First Brand Awards: New Female Artist
  • [2019.08.22] 2019 Soribada Best K-Music Awards: Performance Award
  • [2019.08.18] MTN AD Festival Awards 2019: Commercial Star Rookie Award
  • [2019.11.26] 4th Asian Artist Awards: PStar15 Popularity Award (Online Voting Award), Focus Award (Critics Award)
  • [2019.12.29] Annual K4US Awards (PAK 2019): Girl Group Of The Year
  • [2020.01.23] 9th Reddit Kpop Community Award (RKAs 2019 [R/KPOP]): Music Video of Year - "Butterfly" (Reddit Online Voting Award)
  • [2020.04.27] 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Award: Rising Star Award
  • [2020.08.13] 2020 Soridaba Best K-music Awards: New K-wave Rising Star
  • [2021.01.09] 35th Golden Disc Awards: Next Generation Artist

TV Music Shows

So What
PTT (Paint The Town)
Flip That

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