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Lady Meets Girl

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Single Cover
Miss Monday
Lady meets girl
2002.02.20 (CD)
2002.03.14 (Vinyl)
Catalog Number
ESCL-2295 (CD)
SYUM-0220 (Vinyl)
¥1,223 (CD)
¥1,529 (Vinyl)
CD Tracklist
  1. Lady meets girl
  2. Microphone Worker
  3. Lady meets girl( remix)
  4. Microphone Worker (remix)
Vinyl Tracklist
Side A
  1. Lady meets girl
  2. Lady meets girl (TV-MIX)
  3. Lady meets girl (Accapella)
Side B
  1. Lady meets girl remix
  2. Lady meets girl remix (TV-MIX)
  3. Microphone Worker (remix)

"Lady meets girl" is Miss Monday's fourth single. The single did not chart on the weekly Oricon chart.

Song Information

Miss Monday, U.M.E.D.Y, DJ ETSU
Miss Monday, U.M.E.D.Y, DJ ETSU
Other Information
Arrangement: U.M.E.D.Y, DJ ETSU

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