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This category is for the list of Japanese singles that did not chart on Oricon charts. This may have been for two reasons:

  • Was not released through CD stores. For example, it could have been only sold at places that aren't considered music stores (Miyavi's "Tariraritarara" only sold at live dates, LOVE's "Ayamachi no Sunny" only sold online) or sold as a special promotion (Remioromen's "Paradigm", only sold with promotional Kit-Kat packs).
  • Was not one of the top selling singles that week. The threshold for this has changed over time.
~1985.03.31: Did not chart in the top 30
1985.04.01~1986.04.06: Did not chart in top 50
1985.04.07~2002.12.01: Did not chart in top 100
2002.12.02~: Did not chart in top 200

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