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Live Life ~Chara's Union Live House Tour 2007~

DVD Cover
LIVE LIFE ~Chara's UNION Live House Tour 2007~
2007.08.29 (Regular Edition)
2008.11.12 (Special Price Edition)
Catalog Number
UMBK-1121 (Regular Edition)
UMBK-9206 (Special Price Edition)
¥4,800 (Regular Edition)
¥3,360 (Special Price Edition)
  1. ~Introduction~
  2. Boy
  3. Tear drop
  5. Shimashima no Bambi (しましまのバンビ; Striped Bambi)
  6. Junior Sweet
  7. Watashi wo Mitsumete (私を見つめて; Staring At Me)
  8. o-ri-on
  9. Atashi Nande Dakishimetai n' Darou? (あたしなんで抱きしめたいんだろう?; Why Do I Want to Hold Him, I Wonder?)
  10. This is my car
  11. BACK
  12. Crazy for you
  13. Milk (ミルク)
  14. Tsuki to Amai Namida (月と甘い涙; The Moon and Sweet Tears)
  15. Sweet
  16. Yasashii Kimochi (やさしい気持ち; Kind Feelings)
  17. Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~ (Swallowtail Butterfly ~あいのうた~; Love Song)
  18. UNION
  19. Sekai (世界; World)
  20. Tiny Tiny Tiny (UNION TOUR Ver.)


LIVE LIFE ~Chara's UNION Live House Tour 2007~ is the 3rd DVD released by Chara. It features the SHIBUYA AX performance of her Chara's UNION Live House Tour 2007 from April 14, 2007. The DVD was re-released in November 2008 as a limited special price edition.

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