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Manatsu no Kajitsu (Southern All Stars)

8cm CD Cover
12cm CD Cover
Southern All Stars
Manatsu no Kajitsu (真夏の果実; Midsummer Fruit)
1998.02.11 (8cm CD Reissue)
2005.06.25 (12cm CD Reissue)
Catalog Number
VIDL-20 (8cm CD)
VISL-52 (Cassette)
VIDL-30128 (1998 8cm CD Reissue)
VICL-36028 (2005 12cm CD Reissue)
¥930 (8cm CD)
¥948 (Cassette)
¥800 (Reissues)
  1. Manatsu no Kajitsu (真夏の果実)
  2. Nachikasanu Koi Uta (Live at BUDOKAN) (ナチカサヌ恋歌)


"Manatsu no Kajitsu" is the 28th single released by Southern All Stars. It was released in two formats, 8cm CD and cassette. It was their first single to not be released in LP format. The title track was used as theme song for the movie Inamura Jane, directed by Kuwata Keisuke. "Manatsu no Kajitsu" was the most voted song by fans in a poll in 2008, and since it's release it has been covered by several artists. The single reached #4 on Oricon charts, charted for 36 weeks, and sold 473,920 copies in 1990, becoming the #9 single of that year.

Song Information

Kuwata Keisuke
Kuwata Keisuke
Other Information
Arrangement: Southern All Stars, Kobayashi Takeshi

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