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Miho Fukuhara Live in Music

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Live Album Cover
Fukuhara Miho
Live Album
Miho Fukuhara Live in Music
Live in Music from Tour "Live in Music Vol.6" (iTunes)
Catalog Number
¥2,480 (CD)
¥2,100 (digital)
  1. WASABI GREEN (@20151213 2nd Billboard Live TOKYO)
  2. Something New (@20151213 2nd Billboard Live TOKYO)
  3. Broken Heart (@20151213 1st Billboard Live TOKYO)
  4. All I Want For Christmas Is You (@20151204 2nd NAGOYA BlueNote)
  5. Save The Best For Last (@20151202 2nd Billboard Live OSAKA)
  6. Calling You (@20151204 1st NAGOYA BlueNote)
  7. Natural Woman (@20151204 2nd NAGOYA BlueNote)
  8. You Are Not Alone (@20151213 2nd Billboard Live TOKYO)
  9. Stand By Me (@20151220 2nd Gate's7)

Miho Fukuhara Live in Music is the first digital live album released by Fukuhara Miho. The title for the digital iTunes release was named Live in Music from Tour "Live in Music Vol.6".

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