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Mizu ni Tokeru Yuki ~2008.04.30 at Shibuya-Ax~

DVD Cover
Mizu ni Tokeru Yuki ~2008.04.30 at SHIBUYA-AX~ (水に解ける雪; The Snow Loosened In Water)
Catalog Number
  1. Tsukuyomi (ツクヨミ; Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto)
  2. Cubic'「L/R」ock
  3. Izayoi Kaze (十六夜風; The Sixteenth Night's Wind)
  4. Kirisame (キリサメ; Light Drizzle)
  5. Sakura Mau Kisetsu ni (桜舞う季節に; To the Season of Dancing Cherry Blossoms)
  6. Aikagi (合鍵; Master Key)
  7. Hoshigaoka (星ヶ丘; Hill of Stars)
  8. I'm Vogue
  9. Yubisaki (ユビサキ; Fingertips)
  10. Ari to Kakuzatou (蟻と角砂糖; Ants and Sugar Cubes)
  11. Miss Santa Claus (ミスサンタクロース)
  12. masquerade
  13. 0010
  14. Sanbyou (三秒; Three Seconds)
  15. Hinata (ヒナタ; The Sunshine)
  16. TheMe
  17. Brownie (ブラウニー)
  18. Shine
  19. Sleet Eve (スリートイブ)
  20. Kimi no Koe to Yakusoku (君の声と約束; Your Voice and Promise)


"Mizu ni Tokeru Yuki ~2008.04.30 at SHIBUYA-AX~" is the seventh live DVD released by Ayabie. It is also their last release with GENEON ENTERTAINMENT INC. as a distributor. As the title says, the concert was filmed at the "Mizu ni Tokeru Yuki" tour final at Shibuya-AX on April 4th, 2008. The DVD reached #78 on the Oricon chart, where it charted for a week.

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