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Monochrome (Uru)

Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Monochrome (モノクローム)
Catalog Number
AICL-3454~5 (Limited Edition A)
AICL-3456~7 (Limited Edition B)
AICL-3458 (Regular Edition)
¥5,000 (Limited Edition A)
¥4,000 (Limited Edition B)
¥3,000 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
  • Disc 1
  1. Tsuioku no Futari (追憶のふたり; Memories of Two People)
  2. Kiseki (奇蹟; Miracle)
  3. Freesia (フリージア)
  4. Nibiiro no Hi (鈍色の日; A Dull-Colored Day)
  5. Honto wa, ne (ホントは、ね; Really, It Is)
  6. Shiawase no Uta (しあわせの詩; Song of Happiness)
  7. sunny day hometown
  8. fly
  9. The last rain
  10. Ii Otoko (いい男; Good Man)
  11. Ariake no Tsuki (アリアケノツキ; Dawn's Moon)
  12. Musume Yori (娘より; From My Daughter)
  13. Sunao (すなお; Honest)
  14. Hoshi no Naka no Kimi (星の中の君; You Among the Stars)
  • Disc 2 - Cover Songs
  1. Tashika na Koto (たしかなこと) (Original: Oda Kazumasa)
  2. Kaede (楓) (Original: Spitz)
  3. Mokuren no Namida (木蓮の涙) (Original: STARDUST REVUE)
  4. THE OVER (Original: UVERworld)
  5. OH MY LITTLE GIRL (Original: Ozaki Yutaka)
  6. Makka (真赤) (Original: My Hair is Bad)
  7. Happy End (ハッピーエンド) (Original: back number)
  8. Ito (糸) (Original: Nakajima Miyuki)
DVD Tracklist
  1. Hoshi no Naka no Kimi (Music Video)
  2. The last rain (Music Video)
  3. Freesia (Music Video)
  4. Shiawase no Uta (Music Video)
  5. Kiseki (Music Video)
  6. Uru Live "SS" @ Tokyo Globe Za ~Debut Live~ (東京グローブ座)
    2. PUZZLE
    3. Honto wa, ne (ホントは、ね
    4. sunny day hometown
    5. The last rain
    6. Ariake no Tsuki (アリアケノツキ)
    7. Sunao (すなお)
    8. Hoshi no Naka no Kimi (星の中の君)


Monochrome is the first album released by Uru. It was released in three versions: a limited CD+DVD edition (A), a limited 2CD edition (B), and a regular CD edition. The album peaked at #18 on the Oricon charts, selling 10,716 copies.

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