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My Voice

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Digital Cover
Fine Cover
I Got Love Cover
My Voice
  1. Fine
  2. Cover Up
  3. Nalgae (Feel So Fine) (날개; Wing)
  4. I Got Love
  5. I'm OK
  6. Time Lapse
  7. Sweet Love
  8. When I Was Young
  9. Lonely Night
  10. Suchaehwa (Love in Color) (수채화; Watercolor)
  11. Fire
  12. Eraser
  13. Gieogeul Geodneun Sigan (기억을 걷는 시간; Time to Remember) (Bonus track)

Digital Cover
Sky Cover
Blossom Cover
My Voice (Deluxe Edition)
  1. Make Me Love You
  2. Fine
  3. Cover Up
  4. Nalgae (Feel So Fine) (날개)
  5. I Got Love
  6. I'm OK
  7. Time Lapse
  8. Sweet Love
  9. When I Was Young
  10. I Blame On You
  11. Lonely Night
  12. 11:11
  13. Suchaehwa (Love in Color) (수채화 (Love in Color))
  14. Fire
  15. Eraser
  16. Curtain Call
  17. Gieogeul Geodneun Sigan (기억을 걷는 시간) (Bonus track)


My Voice is the first full length studio album released by Taeyeon. It comes after the release of two mini-albums and her recent hit single "11:11". "The album showcases Taeyeon’s soulful vocals through a variety of genres, with an emphasis on pop-rock and woozy R&B."[1] The song "Fine" was used as the LPs lead single, being described by Billboard as "an acoustically-driven alt-pop post-breakup song." "I Got Love" was later pre-released to promote the album on with the music video debuting on February 17th 2017. My Voice pre-sold 114,000 physical copies, which set a record for highest album pre-sales for a female singer.[2] It went on to rank at #1 on the weekly Gaon chart, and #3 on the monthly chart.

On April 5th 2017 the repackage Deluxe Edition was released including the previously issued digital single "11:11" along with three new songs: "I Blame On You", "Curtain Call", and "Make Me Love You" which was used as the lead track. Both the CD releases for the regular and deluxe edition contained the bonus track "Gieogeul Geodneun Sigan".

Oricon Chart Position

Week Rank Sales
39 2,623
65 1,236
75 1,139
198 379
285 228
55 1,213
54 994
142 446
234 315
249 264
235 221
  • Total Reported Sales: 9,058*


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