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Owari to Hajimari

Owari to Hajimari (終わりと始まり; The End and The Beggining)
Takada Naoki
Takada Naoki, Shintaro Izutsu
Other Information
Arrangement: Shintaro Izutsu, Eguchi Takahito
Piano: Igarashi Kou
Strings: CHICA Strings
Track Recorded by Matsui Atsushi (birdie house) and Okamoto Masao at Sony Music Studios Tokyo, ABS Recording and SWING
Mixed by Mine Chang at STUDIO VISION
Producer coordinator: SEAMO

"Owari to Hajimari" is a Hip-hop song recorded by SEAMO. The song is found on his Owari to Hajimari / Lost Boy single as track #1.