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Album Cover
Clazziquai Project
2007.12.11 (Korea)
2008.03.07 (Taiwan)
CD Tracklist
  1. Freedom
  2. Iconic Love (feat. Lee Seung Yeol)
  3. Robotica
  4. You
  5. Why (feat. whale)
  6. Beautiful Stranger
  7. Love mode - hwa remix (feat. VERBAL)
  8. Prayers - Shinichi Osawa remix
  9. Our Lives - FPM Hyper Society mix
  10. Fiesta - DAISHI DANCE remix
  11. Lover boy - As Pap As Pop mix
  12. Next Love - DJ Kayip remix
  13. Love mode (pzq mode) (feat. PE'Z & VERBAL)
Taiwanese DVD Tracklist
  1. Robotica (Music Video)
  2. Lover boy (Music Video)
  3. Love mode (pzq mode) (feat. PE'Z & VERBAL) (Music Video)
  4. Our lives (Music Video)
  5. Prayers (Music Video)


ROBOTICA is the third remix album released by Clazziquai Project. It was released in Taiwan three months later as a CD+DVD package. The DVD includes five music videos.

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