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SI☆NA (2010).

Hello! Pro Kansai (ハロプロ関西) was a Hello! Project group of trainees that specialize in Kansai centered activities. The group was composed of the four winners of Hello! Project Kansai Audition 2005 and was originally called Hello! Pro Kansai Ressun Sei (ハロプロ関西レッスン生, English: Hello! Pro Kansai Life Lessons). Hello! Pro Kansai have appeared in many mediums including radio, television, and small live concerts.

The group put on small regular concerts under the title "TANOSINA" (Vol.1, 2, etc.), sometimes Okada Yui is a guest performer. They also participated in HAPPY! STYLE Communication Circuits.

It was announced in July 2009 that Nakayama Nana would be graduating from SI☆NA and leaving Hello! Project to concentrate on school. Her last performance was on July 25, 2009. Two years later on March 1, 2011, the group announced their separation with their final appearance at the concert "TANOSINA STAGE" on April 17, 2011.




[2008.02.16]-[2009.06.27] Kiss FM "Girls Kiss"

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